Special Session on
Advances in Natural Language Computing
The 5th Indian International Conference on Artificial Intelligence

December 14-16, 2011, Tumkur (near Bangalore), India

A special session on Advances in Natural Language Computing will be held during the 5th Indian International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IICAI-11).

The early research in Natural Language Computing dates back to late 1940s. Machine Translation (MT) was the first sub-discipline to be researched, however, semantic issues, discourse phenomena and statistical approaches to generic problems in computational linguistics like POS tagging, Word Sense Disambiguation, Named Entity Recognition are the need of the hour. Though significant progress is visible on these lines, there are miles yet to be explored. Researchers are now developing next generation Natural Language Processing (NLP) systems which deal reasonably well with natural language text which account more for language ambiguity and regional variability. Nevertheless, more realistic knowledge about the nature of languages needs to be experimented by the Language Computing Community.
This special session is organized for the researchers, practitioners and professionals to share their knowledge, report and new advances in Natural Language Computing.

Scope of the Session
This session intends to focus on both misconceptions and advances in Natural Language Computing including statistical approaches to resolve the underlying problems like performance tuning of language-based applications. Special contributions employing language technology tools but which are of social / research interest would also be considered. The topics covered by the session include, but certainly not limited to:

  • Statistical Computational Linguistics
  • Computational Models of Discourse and Dialogue
  • Linguistic, Corpus-Based and Mathematical Models of Language
  • Information Retrieval, Extraction and Summarization
  • Grammar, Syntax, Semantics and Pragmatics
  • Phonology and Morphology
  • Co-Reference and Anaphora Resolution
  • UNL Enconversion and Deconversion
  • Parsing, Chunking, Segmentation and POS Tagging
  • Named Entity Recognition
  • Regional Variability Normalisation in Natural Languages
  • Lexical Semantics and Ontologies
  • Natural Language Generation
  • Paraphrasing and Textual Entailment
  • Text Sentiment Analysis
  • Question Answering in Search Engines
  • Text Mining
  • Semantic Role Labeling for Machine Translation and Web Search
  • Multi-Lingual Processing and Machine Translation
  • Language Computing in Noisy, Unstructured and Vertical Domains
  • Machine Learning for Natural Language Computing
  • Corpus Development and Evaluation Methodologies

Paper Submission and Publication:
Authors are encouraged to submit the papers for this session as an email attachment to the Session Co-Chairs given below. The papers should be in MSWORD, PDF, or PS format and should be formatted according to the Springer Lecture Notes instructions (click here for instructions/sample paper) . The length of a paper should not exceed 20 pages. Shorter papers or papers on the work currently in progress are also welcome. The first page of the paper should contain the title, name(s) of the authors, affiliations, the postal and email addresses, and at least 3 keywords appropriate to the content of the paper. Further information regarding the paper submission can be obtained from the conference website too.

Each paper will be peer reviewed by at least two experts in the topical area. All accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings, under the title of the session.

You may contact the conference chairs at   iicai.conference[at]gmail.com for any additional information.

May 15, 2011: Paper manuscripts due.
June 1, 2011: Notification of acceptance.
July 1, 2011: Camera ready papers and Pre-registration due.
December 14-16, 2011: Special Session and the IICAI-11 Conference

Session Co-Chairs:
Dr. T.V. Geetha
Professor in Computer Science and Engineering, Anna University, Chennai, India
Co-ordinator, Tamil Computing Lab (TaCoLa), Anna University, Chennai, India
Email: tvgeedir@cs.annauniv.edu

Dr. Ranjani Parthasarathi
Professor in Information Science and Technology, Anna University, Chennai, India
Co-ordinator, Tamil Computing Lab (TaCoLa), Anna University, Chennai, India
Email: rp@annauniv.edu

Dr. G.S. Mahalakshmi (all submission to be mailed to this chair only)
Assistant Professor (Senior Grade), Department of Computer Science and Engineering,
Anna University, Chennai, India
Email: gs_maha@yahoo.co.in

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